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This is good stuff. Very solid foundation for an ironpilled warrior monk navigation of the neon ruins.

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I can name who rules the world, and know how to bring him down. I am fit and strong and own nothing but my transport and tools. I have replaced finance with hunting and growing my own food and build my own resources. I can manufacture items others will need when the crash comes, which will be my currency. But I am not fool enough to play in a corrupt political system, nor to engage the superstition of believing in a god. Belief is the adoption of a position or attitude despite the evidence, which is also a definition of insanity. So why would I align myself with the insane. Instead I will maintain my websites and write more books so that other realists may one day join me defeat the globalists, which will happen when their enforcers are dying from the jab.

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The philosophy of "the way" fundamentally encompasses the idea that human life is fleeting. Human beings live on average of what 70-90 years, anything beyond that is a struggle. Hence, we believe that this world is simply one and when we die, our souls will ascend to a higher plane. I personally have my own beliefs in general, but one thing we fundamentally all agree on (we as in followers of the way) is that a god exists). This world and everything in it did not come about from random chance, it was designed in great detail for a purpose. That purpose is different depending on which religion you decide to follow, but fundamentally, all paths diverge into one.

"The way" agree with your sentiment about playing in a corrupt system. Understanding a corrupt system is not the same as playing in one. It's like understanding how to make a fire, for the purpose of using it for light, or to cook food, not to create destruction. Understanding how modern politics works give you the tool to combat them with their own rules when they come for you. Time and again people who have differing opinions with the elite are dragged through courts, partially, because they did not have the same knowledge of the system that their persecutors had.

>Instead I will maintain my websites and write more books so that other realists may one day join me defeat the globalists, which will happen when their enforcers are dying from the jab.

For what purpose? When you die, they will wipe you from existence if you had even a fleck of disagreement with the ruling class in your words.

Realise brother, this life is nothing more then a delusion.

β€œAnd what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion”

- Quran, Verse (57:20)

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thank you for this!

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Excellent writing and spirit. Like Tony, I cannot believe in a god, but in its place I seem to worship something else that I might call Destiny, or the Spirit of Life, that is neither random nor planned.

That aside, much respect to you, Brother. Thank you for sharing.

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Interesting ideas overall, what’s up with the religion shit though? If anything religious institutions throughout history have served as a happy enforcer of the status quo.

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amazing stuff! although i realize this late, but it is not too late, progress day one from now, and i will update again in 365 and the next 365 so on and so forth. thank you vagabond, thank you.

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