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Great read.

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When I started trading a few years back, a friend of mine likened it to gambling. I took offence to that at the time, but over time I've realised he wasn't really wrong. This article highlights the significance of psychology in things like trading and gambling, and how quickly your emotions can pull you into trades and bets you shouldn't take. I only ever bet now on the team I support - 100% emotional and I live and die by their performance!

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Thanks for this, I think we all need to think about this. It left me thinking about how financial markets, in general, have become more and more like gambling in the last few years. Even from 1 to 3, if we now think about how β€œthe market” works, a lot of it is enhanced by debt, buy-backs and FOMO. In the sense that, it doesn’t really matter if future cash flows are looking good, it’s all about the narrative behind the name, so in a way, it is like everything is slowly but surely becoming gambling. Who cares about revenue if the FED is going to cut rates soon? So yes, in a way it’s the individual triggering the gambling that is enhanced by how the system now operates, specially after all the money printing following covid.

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