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What we need here is for this narrative to be illuminated by reality context.

The first thing we all need to understand is that when Nugget Coombs established the Reserve Bank of Australia he was employed by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) of Basle, Switzerland; not by the Government of Australia. BIS is the acronymic euphemism for Rothschild Investment Banker Dynasty.

In point of fact, all reserve banks are run by the Rothschilds and associates and have done since 1913.

If you want to lower inflation you most certainly do not print more money. That is inflationaganza on steroids. What you do is elect political representatives with knowhow, integrity and balls, who then re-establish the FIRB to investigate all land sales, arable and residential, by foreign interests... taking a real world look at (ie Chinese) Australian citizens who use CCP money to buy up Australian arable and residential property.

Whew. having said that mouthful, of course, I am being sarcastic. Murdoch's media would destroy any political candidate whom he suspected might go down that road. And while I am being real, please just accept that Murdoch also controls the ABC and SBS. After all, this is the very reason we have rebel and resistance media.

Genuine political representatives need also to investigate the recent doubling of meat prices. A glance at live export would not go astray either. This seriously shrank the domesic meat supply, closed down 150 abattoirs, stripped entire regions of their populations and, if we take into account the feeder jobs and services surrounding abattoirs, eliminated 450,000 jobs in totum.

Was this a new attack on Australia? Hell no. The BBTEC programme (Bovine Brucellosis and Tubercolosis Eradication Campaign) of the 1970s and 80s was intended to wipe Australia off the US market and, dually, to shrink Australia's beef economy. This was well understood by NZ's PM David Lange and the farmers he supported, all of whom were horrified by Bob Hawke's capitulation, which is why NZ and the Pacific retaliated by dissolving the ANZAS Agreement and banning US nuclear ships and subs.

By the way, the US claim that BB and T would be eradicated by 1984, which was the rationale for the entire beef ban, was never realised. North Dakota still has both dieseases.

All of this is history that is never taught in schools and universities, which is why we never draw real world conclusions. Which reminds me, if readers are horrified and disbelieving about Nugget Coomb's real role of capturing Australia's financial system for the Rothschilds, he engaged in a great many other interventions, such as his secret mission to convert the NT's Northern Land Council from an administrative vessel to support 'per Aboriginal-language-group traditional consensus protocol engagement process', to identify and protect lands, into a monolithic bureaucracy that can successfully impose the will of the mineral lobby on Aborigines. Mission acomplished in spades. The NLC also enforces the mRNA mandate with $500 bribes. Soon there will be no Aborigines to obstruct mining.

But I digress. Then came the RBA's direct support for the Hawke and Keating removal of protective tariffs to enable destruction of Australia's industrial base. I could go on, but I am sure you get the gist.

Low is an expert on financial espionage. He needs to hang, not harangue..

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