Vagabond and “The Way”

“The Way” is a modern philosophical school of thought that encompasses 7 core tenants:

Hence, for one to achieve true perfection and freedom, and walk on the straight path, one must:

  1. Letting go of all earthly tethers.

  2. Mastering the modern financial system.

  3. Limiting consumption of modern media.

  4. Physical training day and night to perfect the art of war.

  5. Mastering modern political systems.

  6. Always looking forward, and letting go of the past.

  7. Have absolute belief and faith in god.


Vagabond is a newsletter that endeavours to further the philosophical ideals established by the way. Composed of a global network of contributors, Vagabond seeks to examine subjects such as politics, economics, cryptocurrency, philosophy, physical conditioning, and religion, in order to aid those who have veered off the path to attain true freedom, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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“And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion”

- Quran, Verse (57:20)


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Freedom through Mastery


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